BZ (Benushamein Zaouh, or Benjamin Zaow when properly translated) is a popular super hero created in the year 1994 by IJC productions, based on the popular comic book produced in the 1980’s that was never fully legally released to the public.

Who is BZ?

BZ tells the story of an unpopular bisexual chinese boy who is often confused about his life. He learns that he has super powers in chapter 3 of the original comic strip and 26 minutes and 19 seconds into the movie, and chapter 7 in the published novel.

BZ the comic

The art style in BZ the comic by DChiu incorporated is very crude, although it introduced a new style to the art world; stick figurines. Using this style, the writer of BZ was able to freely express how his characters moved throughout the comic fluently, without having biological features getting in his way. The comic lasted for 95 chapters before it ended.

BZ the movie

In 2000, BZ was recreated in the form of a movie. Most of the plot from the original comic is included, although unimportant parts and larger character development is introduced, such as the explanation of why BZ is bisexual. Sophia Chen plays the part of his lover, who never seems to return his feelings. Towards the end of the movie, an two extra villans are introduced, known as Sensonansou Korya and Benny the Mexican, possibly hinting at a sequel later on.

BZ the card game

In early 2005, a trading card game based off the highly unsuccessful BZ movie was created, featuring all the characters from the movie. The cards were initially canceled as the people and DChiu productions got lazy.


BZ gains his powers after coming in contact with a radioactive chemical. This gives him the agility of a chimpanzee, a super sonic screech, sharp claws, and a large reserve of biological energy. The negative effects of BZ’s powers are that upon use, they will inflate the pituitary gland of the brain, causing random temporary phases of stupidity and Tourette syndrome. BZ also has a weakness for the opposite sex, changing in personality when speaking to a female.

BZ’s death

It is largely rumored that BZ will die in the upcoming movie “BZ vs. The Chaos” as a result of Korya’s rampage across New York City. However, this is merely speculation among fans, and should not be taken seriously until the movie is actually release. Plans to create the new BZ movie are underway, although there are personal difficulties between the directors and BZ’s stupid personality.

Characters of the BZ Franchise


BZ is the main character of the series and is a bisexual. He has enhanced physical abilities as a result of radioactive mutation. He is the personification of retardedness. Played by Benjamin Zaow.


A policeman who has devoted his time hunting down BZ, considering him a “freak” and often attempting to kill him, regardless of whether he is legally allowed or not. He uses a .475 mm Magnum. He often attempts to shoot BZ, although on occasion he will miss and hurt himself in the process. He is the personification of anger. Played by Pano.


Peter is the second cop. He is the nicer cop, and is Paragus’ partner and backup. He often does not participate when Paragus makes attempts on BZ’s life. He is the personification of neutralness. Played by Peter.


A criminal and an assassin. He likes to fist fight and he happens to be easily angered. He often uses advanced army weapons during fights such as grenades and machine guns. He is the personification of violence. Played by Eric.

Sophia Cheng

BZ’s love. He often makes attempts to grab her ass because she always wears tight jeans. She is used to inappropriate contact, but BZ is still too scared to make a move on her. Played by Sophia.

The Android

A strange humanoid robot from the future who specializes in martial arts. He appears to be completely human, although he has super strength and speed, and his knowledge is unmatched. He is sent to the past to eliminate BZ so that he will never marry Larry and never cause the end of the world. He is the personification of foreshadowing. Played by David.


Better known as Chad, the nomad who wanders around in random scenes. He is often accused of self-promotion. He’s very well known for his youtube account.

Benny The Mexican

A super powered Mexican from Mexico. Nobody knows where he got his powers from, although he probably got them in Mexico. He has super strength, super speed, he’s a master of the kamehamemexican attack, and whenever he uses his powers he gains a cheap red cape around his neck. He happens to be against BZ for stealing his life savings of 2 dollars. He is the personification of cheapness.

Sensonansou Korya

Korya is the personification of war. He is a being made up of the evil and tragedy in the world. Once he is awakened, he begins a rampage of destruction across New York, searching for BZ. Presumably it is because BZ is the personification of retardation. Korya has super strength, super speed, heavy armors, and he seems to have strange annihilation based abilities, as he was able to crush a building to pieces from far away by pointing his palm at it and tightening a fist. A preview shows him declaring himself as “Shin Sensonansou Korya”, which means “God Sensonansou Korya” after crushing BZ under a pile of rubble. Played by David.


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