BZ comic part 4

Chapter 7

After the punk kid got pawned by BZ, he ran home with the back of his pants torn away. “AWESOME!” BZ was happy that he got stupi- er, super powers. But as soon as he started to celebrate, a white rectangle opened up in front of him. Everyone stepped back. A strange being with a green and yellow spiked metal robe, gloves, and an unusually long neck walked out of the portal. He had a pinkish head and red shaded goggles that could not be seen through from BZ’s view. The man also had a strange device over his mouth, like a breathing machine used in diving. “B…Z…” The strange man said slowly. The man explained that he was an android from the future, and that he must destroy BZ. He explains that if BZ is allowed to live, he will marry Larry, and cause the end of the world in a hilarious yet cataclysmic chain of events.

Chapter 8

The android attempts to capture BZ. He explains that it is too late to try to stop BZ’s future, and that he must kill BZ. BZ runs away like a wuss. The android follows him, and fires lasers at BZ’s ass to slow him down. BZ then falls over, burned. In the ass. He turns around, and the android prepares to kill him. But BZ gets up and scratches the android repeatedly, hurting him. The android quickly knocks BZ away. The portal reopens behind the android, and he tells BZ that he will soon come back to finish the job. BZ ignores it and farts.


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