BZ Comic Part 5

Sorry, I’ve been on vacation and haven’t been able to summarize it lately. But good news is, I got a new printer/scanner, so I’ll be hooking it up and uploading BZ comic page scans very soon.

Chapter 9

BZ walks to school, like normal. Suddenly a blur of green seemed to disorient everyone, and a guy in a green cape and gloves showed up. He had shades and spiked hair, along with a leather jacket. BZ asked who he was. He said that he was the Punk Wing, and quickly punched BZ in the gut. Nobody seems to know where the people with super powers are coming from, or why they’re targeting BZ. BZ scratches Punk Wing’s face, and throws him to the ground. Punk Wing and BZ continue to fight. Punk Wing seems to be winning for a while, but as he leaps again to hit BZ, BZ screams really loud, in fact loud enough to throw him into the bushes. BZ and his friends who decided not to help him run away.

Chapter 10

BZ keeps running until he knows Punk Wing isn’t behind him anymore. He stops to rest. Dan insults how slow he is at running. Pavel laughs and BZ yells “Screw you!” He looks around. He started thinking to himself Why is everyone trying to kill me?! He looked around. It didn’t seem like anyone was around but them, and a few random strangers. But nobody suspicious. They walk to school after about an hour of doing nothing and explain that they were late because some weirdo attacked them. Pavel knew they wouldn’t believe that a super speed guy wearing a cape did it, so they said it was a pedophile. They were excused of their lateness and conveniently missed math as a result of it. When they got to lunch, Jyeh C. Babba was eating the lunch room. They had to replace everything. One man lost his hand in Jyeh C.’s mouth trying to stop him. They start discussing what they should do in case Punk Wing finds them after school.

Chapter 11

“No, no, no! We have to bite his hand!”
“That won’t work, we should just stick to singing banana phone to confuse him before we run.” The group started arguing with each other. Soon they stopped and agreed to one plan. They called their group the NAHU. The Native American Hero League. They weren’t Native American and they weren’t Heroes, but at that point nobody really cared. So after lunch they went to class to get failed because their teachers are lazy and irresponsible and biased. At the end of the day, they were very cautious and covered BZ as they left the school. They all ran home as Jyeh C. walked on the same route on them, because Jyeh C.’s gravity was pulling them into his orbit.


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