BZ Comic part 1

Now I’m going to go more in-depth about BZ.

BZ the comic

The creator of the comic, known as DChiu, created BZ entirely out of his imagination. He spent hours thinking up what kind of character BZ should be, and once he figured it out, he began to draw. Special glitters, aluminum foil, shining paper, and other special materials were used to give the comic book more life. DChiu says that all the characters he created probably don’t exist in real life. I’m going to summarize the chapters of BZ 1-95, a few each day.

Chapter 1:

This chapter takes place during school, more accurately, middle school. BZ talks to Sophie and is turned down when he asks an inappropriate question, but it is not shown what he was asking. They are in 7th grade, and BZ has 3 friends: Dan, Pavel, and Patrick. Dan is the more passive agressive one. He likes to make insults for enjoyment, regardless of who they target. Pavel seems to be more of a bully kinda guy, pulling pranks on people sometimes, although he is a nice person. Patrick is completely neutral, always staying out of anything fun. After Pavel “accidentally” tosses BZ’s handball away from the wall and out of the school playground, BZ runs to go get it. Rick, a guy who likes jokes and memes, walks up to BZ and shoves him into a nearby hole, yelling “CONCERT CARRIAGE ASSAULT!”, a meme started by Dan. It has no real meaning other than shoving someone and yelling it. BZ screams as he falls into the pit.

Chapter 2

BZ wakes up, finding himself in the pit. A few teachers are standing over the hole. “WHO DID THIS?!” One of the teachers yells. Everyone points at the most hated guy in school, Nick Owel. Nick Owel is immediately expelled. BZ looks around. He can’t really see or move, although something is glowing beside him. He starts to get up, and sees a strange green rock. He picks it up, and gets a strange shock to his body as he immediately drops it. He gets out of the hole with a huge headache.


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