BZ Comic part 2

Chapter 3

BZ goes to the nurse to get checked for injuries. Unfortunately the nurses at his school are cheap and have no experience, so he is sent home. His mom takes him to the doctor, who says that surprisingly, there’s nothing wrong with him. His mom lets him go outside to get some fresh air, to maybe relieve his headache. He walks into the street while trying to think, and a truck comes right at him, honking it’s horn telling him to get out of the way. But he can’t react fast enough. Soon, he grows monkey-like nail-claws, and his eyes widen as he shrieks. As the truck hits him, he holds out his arms, and the truck stops. When he looks, the front of it is crushed by his hands.

Chapter 4

BZ is shocked by what he did as his long, sharp nails retract into his fingers. The next day, he immediately goes to his friends and tells them about it. They don’t believe him. They ask him to use his powers right then and there, but he says he doesn’t know how. So he decides to try proving it by recreating the same situation that triggered his powers before. Dav’s friend Eric gets in his dad’s truck and backs up a few blocks. BZ stands in the middle of the street. “I’m ready!” He yells. Eric drives the truck forward, and BZ focuses as he holds out his arms. He prepares to stop the truck as it moves faster towards him. And! As it hits him…

Chapter 5

And as the truck hits BZ…he goes flying! BZ flies into the air and slams into a tree. Everyone is surprised he’s still alive when the go over to him. Eric says “Damn! Why didn’t he die?!” Under his breath. BZ walks out into the street again. He says “I think that my powers activating are random so if i create the situation again it migh-” But before he can finish his sentence, he’s hit by a car and flies back. “You were saying?” Eric says. BZ goes out into the middle of the intersection to try one more time. As a car flies forward at him, he holds out his arms. In an instant, he blocks and crushes the front of the car. “I did it!” BZ yells. But suddenly 5 cars from other directions run right over him, crushing him.


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